We Heritage Biotech Pvt. Ltd. are one of the largest & oldest manufactures of all types of Naushadar in the world. We are exporting this product to many countries.

We manufacture finest quality Naushadar. Naushadar is also called a Naushadar Thikkri, Naushadar Kattal ,Chappra ,Navsagar ,Naushadari ,Naushadar Turri, Sal-Ammoniac, Naushadar Salli.

Naushadar  is the purest form of Ammonium Chloride. It is made by Sublimation of Ammonium Chloride in a glass vessel. Sublimation causes purity and change in crystal structure of the material and hence improves the properties.

It is more than 200 years old traditional Process. The process is improvised during the years.

It is good for human & animal consumption due to its unique crystalline arrangement & structure. It is very unique in nature and has special properties.

It is used in many Food Products & Medicines. It is used in food products as Taste Enhancer (Booster), Preservative & Acidity Regulator.

It has diuretic properties and is used vastly in Ayurvedic & Unani Medicines.

It has been used in Ayurvedic treatments from very long times.